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Added TorkLift Hitch today

Today we added a TorkLift Hitch to the C-Max. I have always had a hitch on my cars not so much for towing but for holding a bike rack. The install was a little tricky but we got it because you did not have to drill any holes. Here is what my install looks like.

New TorkLift hitch. You can't even see it.

New TorkLift hitch. You can’t even see it.

Here are pictures of my C-Max Energi

I just love this car! I have been waiting a long time for a car like to come along that has the best of both worlds. I love how I can go to town and not use one drop of gas. So far we have had the car for 17 days and have not used any gas that they gave us at the purchase time.

I am loving this little C-Max

I love this car! We have had this car for 17 days now and so far we have not used any of the gas that was put into at the purchase time. It’s great doing short errands and not watching your gas go down quickly as in our other car. IMG_0094smallcmax 3IMG_0097smallcmax2IMG_0093smallcmax1

Just installed my Leviton Charging Station

charge station small 1charge station smallWe purchased our car on June 26, 2013 and soon found that we wanted a charging station instead of the 110 volt that came with the car. I have put up some pictures of the charging station. It was pretty easy for us because where we wanted it was very close to our house electrical box. Our electrician only had to put in a 40 amp circuit, run wire to the included plug and that was it. It now only takes a matter of a couple of hours instead of 7 or 8 to charge the car from empty.

Hello world!

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